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Saving Your Sight with Dr. Marc Grossman

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Saving Your Sign
with Dr. Marc Grossman
Fri, May 15

Our eyesight can be affected by a variety of daily influences and activities. Headaches, illness, poor reading light, stress, exercise and diet can all influence our vision and how we see the world. Join Marc Grossman, a leading holistic eye doctor in the United States, as he helps you to improve your vision and decrease your dependence on glasses. 

Based on the concept that vision is not static, Dr. Grossman believes that glasses, contact lenses and surgery are not the only option to stop degeneration. He believes that poor vision is not just physical and can be improved no matter what your age. By incorporating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of vision, his is better able to help pinpoint the underlying physical and psychological effects of many vision problems.

During Saving Your SightDr. Grossman will explore the philosophy behind his approach to eye care, as well as lead you in a variety of simple, therapeutic exercises to help you improve your vision. You will leave this workshop with an individualized plan to address your own eye conditions.

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Dr. Grossman is also the author of a number of books on eye care, including Magic Eye, which can be found in The Store at All That Matters. For those looking to dive even deeper, he is also available for private sessions on Sat, May 16th beginning at 9am. Click here to find out more information and to learn more.


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