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The Wait is Over

Intuitive Life Coach Alexandra Hope Flood says, "The more people who are cool to wait, the more peaceful our world will be." Read more from her inspirational blog. Read More

Our New Home in East Greenwich

A peak at our yoga studio in East Greenwich! A peaceful place to begin or deepen your yoga practice. Read More

3 Skin Care Tips for the Changing Season

All That Matters Esthetician Trish Grinnell says, "Just like we change our wardrobe in the fall we need to take a look at our skin care routine and make some changes as well." Read her three skin care tips for the cooler months ahead. Read More

October Student of the Month: Cindy Butera

Every month, All That Matters likes to shine a spotlight on one of our yoga students. Whether they are new to the practice, or seasoned professionals, we believe every student brings their own unique personality and value to the mat. Learn more about what attracts them to yoga, their favorite pose, and other activities they enjoy. This month, All That Matters would like to welcome, Cindy Butera. Read More