Health Coaching

Our certified health coach helps you transform your desire to look and feel better into a tangible plan for attaining a higher level of wellness. Understand how to identify and utilize tools and techniques for self care while developing a sound strategy of healthy habits. Gain new insights into what it means to be your healthiest and actively participate in your wellness with a coach who encourages you every step of the way. A partnership with our health coach is a proven pathway for reclaiming your vibrant health. Women, please click here for a questionnaire to complete for your first meeting and men, please click here for a questionnaire.

50 minutes. $85
6-Month Program (12 sessions). $900

Nutritional Counseling

Our nutrition counselor is passionate about food and offers a wide range of programs enabling clients to discover a more healthy and vibrant self. Whether your goal is to lose weight, feel more energized or simply make the transition to eating more healthy whole foods there is a program for you.  There are no fad diets; all programs are centered around good quality food for optimal health, a balanced quality life and disease prevention.

50 minutes. $85


Just Ask Us

Are you looking to take charge of your well-being and make some lifestyle changes but you have so many questions that you just don't know how or where to begin? Have you already begun taking some steps but are not sure what's next? Do you want to delve deeper but are not sure how? Are you just not feeling great? Just Ask Us!

Schedule a personal session with our advisory staff to get all of your questions answered. Get started or stay motivated on the path to wellness.
30 or 60 minutes. $40/$75