Reflexology at All That Matters Yoga + Holistic Healing Center

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Health Service Packages


To support your health we offer discounts on health service packages. Consider purchasing a package and save while committing to your health. Packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

60-minute packages
3 Pack: $230 (save 10%)
6 Pack: $450 (save 12%)
12 Pack: $865 (save 15%)

90-minute packages
3 Pack: $295 (save 10%)
6 Pack: $580 (save 12%)
12 Pack: $1,120 (save 15%)

Reflexology Trainings


We offer reflexology trainings regularly. For more information, click here.

"Getting a reflexology treatment at All That Matters is a magical, healing and deeply relaxing experience. I recommend it to everyone!" -TL


During a Reflexology session a variety of specialized techniques which feel similar to a combination of massage and acupressure are applied to reflexes to promote balance and mind - body integration. It is a relaxing way to promote your body’s natural healing, while improving circulation and encouraging immune system balance. It has been practiced throughout the world in ancient cultures including ancient Egypt, China, India, and Native America. The name "reflexology" is a relatively new term, which is used to collectively refer to ancient methods based on energy, as well as newer methods based on neurophysiology.


Our reflexology practitioner is Erika Lucas.  


Foot Reflexology

This therapy is a deeply relaxing footwork therapy, which uses specialized techniques on reflex points to revitalize the body as a whole. This stress relieving therapy promotes the alpha state of relaxation, improves circulation, and restores a state of balance, enabling the body to heal itself. Each session starts with a warm aromatherapy foot bath or foot compress, then progresses to a cushioned massage table with warm towels.

30/60/90 minutes. $40/$75/$100

Prenatal Foot Reflexology

R & R for the mother to be! This form of foot reflexology aids lymphatic drainage, and reduces swelling. It is specially designed for expecting mothers. It starts with a warm foot bath, and then moves to a cushioned massage table with a pregnancy wedge. (Please consult your primary care provider before any therapy when pregnant).

60 minutes. $75