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"The test of literature is, I suppose, whether we ourselves live more intensely for the reading of it." --Elizabeth Drew
Mind Matters,The All That Matters book group, began in June with The Alchemist and finishes the fall with The Faith Club in November. In between we also read A Thousand Splendid Suns; Eat Pray Love; Life of Pi; and Three Cups of Tea. Our guiding principle is to find compelling stories (fiction or non-fiction) that are insightful, inspirational, and educational without being overtly preachy or didactic. At the meetings so far we've had an enthusiastic group of book lovers who often have differing opinions on the selections. Our lively and thoughtful discussions, however, deepen everyone's personal experience of the book. If this sounds like your "cup of tea," there's room for you at our table.

While at a reunion in Texas recently I told my family about this club and my sisters, aunts, and cousins all wanted a copy of the book list. So it seems within my clan at least we'll have a cyber-subgroup along with the brick-and-mortar one here in Wakefield.
----Marna Krajeski, local author, book lover, and Mind Matters facilitator

Sneak Preview of the 2008 Mind Matters Book List
Start the new year with us as we discuss love, loss, and spirituality.
Jan. 22, 2008 Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa This historic work reveals the inner spiritual life of one of the most beloved and important religious figures in history.
Feb. 26, 2008 Peony in Love by Lisa See By the author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a historical novel of an arranged marriage in 17th century China explores love, redemption, and letting go.
Mar. 25, 2008 The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion The author's intensely personal memoir of grief after the loss of her husband and illness of her child.
Apr. 22, 2008 Kabbalah: A Love Story by Lawrence Rabbi Kushner A contemporary novel of seeking, finding, and opening oneself to love.
May 6, 2008 The Reading Across Rhode Island Selection (to be announced.) Join us as we participate in the "One State, One Book" discussion and event.

Tips on coming to your first yoga class
1. Wear clothes you can move in. A t-shirt and lounge pants are a good bet for most classes, but if you're trying a power class you'll probably want to wear a tank and shorts. Yoga is done barefoot.
2. Use a yoga mat- our studio provides them. After your hooked you will want to purchase your own! We give ATM yoga students a $10 discount on their first mat.

3. Eat only lightly before class. It's not wise to practice on a full stomach. If you're famished, a small stack an hour or two before class is should be enough to fill you up without weighing you down.
5. Stay hydrated. Like massages, some postures release stored toxins in the body, so it's a good idea to drink lots of water before and after class to help detoxify, and to replace H20. If you coming to a hot class- bring water, a towel and your own mat.
6. Arrive early. Honor yourself and the class by showing up about 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. That will give you ample time to check in, find a comfortable space, gather proper props like strap or block and start to center yourself.
7. Check in with the teacher, if necessary. Let your instructor know if you have injuries or limitations so he/she can be sure to show you modifications or clue you in to postures you'll want to avoid.
4. Listen to your intuition. Don't worry about what other people in the class are doing, and don't push yourself beyond what feels right for your body.
8. Rest if you need to. It's okay to take breaks throughout class. Just transition into a resting pose, like child's pose.
9. Don't give up after the first class. It's normal to feel uncomfortable for your first class or two, as you learn the postures and get used to the yoga style.
10. Try something new. Yoga styles and instructors can vary widely, so if you've tried a few sessions and you're still not feelin' it, try switching to another type of class
or teacher.

Going Green with Products from the
Store at All That Matters

Prana works on new ways to fold sustainable fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton into every thing they make. “Everything we make is inspired by our passion for nature and an endless desire to blend beauty and function” says Beaver Theodosaki, Founder.

Their “Earth Conscious Offering” (E.C.O.) Yoga Mats are biodegradable and made with non-toxic materials.

Also, in an effort to create clean energy awareness, Prana began a Natural Power Initiative to offset electrical energy at all of their retailers, preventing the emission of 22,112 tons of greenhouse gases per year. Learn more at

Beckons Clothing uses the finest organic cotton and sustainable fabrics and partners with its domestic manufacturer to create eco-conscious garments.

Be Present Clothing A small family owned business that values close relationships with their customers, Be Present uses environmentally friendly practices. Every item is proudly made in the USA.

Jade Yoga Mats are made with natural rubber, a renewable resource, have no PVC products, and in partnership with Trees for the Future, Jade Yoga Mats plants a tree for every mat sold.

Yogitoes Mats and Towels are adhesive free, hypoallergenic (no latex or PVC), and recyclable. Toxic free production from beginning to end means good for you and good for the planet.

Dr. Hauschka Naturally and ethically obtained natural pigments and therapeutic botanicals from organic and biodynamic farms are blended to create luxurious, certified BDIH natural skin care and cosmetics.

Pharmacopia is inspired by traditional healing and rejuvenation remedies culled from herbalism, aromatherapy, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It remains true to ancient methods by creating gentle herbals infusions with oils, herbs and plant based ingredients.

Weleda Body Care pioneered the use of biodynamics and organic ingredients in body care and medicine to promote natural healing and health. Free from any synthetics, preservatives, fragrances or colorants.

Badger Balms use pure, natural products based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation with the intention to soothe and heal. 100% natural, organic ingredients

Quoteable Candles are made from 100% natural palm wax and cotton wicks for cleaner burning.

Big Dipper Beeswax Candles are made from handcrafted 100% beeswax, with natural essences for aromatherapy benefits.

Bluewick Candles are made from 100% US grown soy wax.

OTHER Cool Items
Envirosax Help stop the consumption of paper and plastic by shopping with these re-useable bags for shopping or your yoga mat. Great colors, including an organic cotton line.

All That Matters Water Bottles Roll up and re-use your water bottles with these great for the planet water bottles from Platypus

Some Green Titles

· 365 Earth From Above
· Nourishing traditions
· Healing With Whole Foods
· 365 Ways to Save the earth
· One Planet

Here at ATM we recycle all of our plastic bottles and packaging materials and paper, and use recycled paper products.
And, 100% of our centers energy is offset by certified green-e wind generated power thanks to Prana Clothing.

Good for You! Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees

Mix together:
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour (or white)
1teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon salt
2 cups dry oatmeal

Mix together:
2 eggs
½ cup fresh maple syrup (honey can be substituted)
½ cup corn oil
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix well wet and dry ingredients above and add:
1 cup of chopped walnuts
½ package or 1/2 cup of chocolate chips

Drop heaping tablespoons full of batter onto lightly oiled baking try. Press cookies down to flatten and bake 20 minutes till lightly browned.


Thanks to its unique ergonomic shape, the 3-MINUTE EGG offers a range of applications never before experienced in the ancient practice of Yoga.

On Wednesday October 24th, and Thursday October 25th,
Jason Scholder will be at ALL THAT MATTERS introducing his versatile and ergonomic yoga and fitness prop, the THREE MINUTE EGG.

Invented to provide a comfortable spinal stretch and alleviate back pain, the THREE MINUTE EGG has proven to be much more widely applicable than initially expected. Yoga teachers and physical therapists are finding endless news uses for the EGGS in working with their clients.

Be among the first to learn the power of the THREE MINUTE EGG, with private instruction from the inventor himself.

Here’s what people are saying about the THREE MINUTE EGG:

The THREE MINUTE EGG will change the way you do yoga. It is the ultimate body prop which brings much needed support for new yogis and invigors workouts for experienced ones.

Nearly every Yoga pose can be enhanced by use of the THREE MINUTE EGG. Restorative poses bring more blood flow to the organs, extended poses experience longer, healthier stretches, and traditional poses are held in better alignment.

Thanks to its unique ergonomic shape, the 3-MINUTE EGG offers a range of applications never before experienced in the ancient practice of Yoga.

THREE MINUTE EGG. It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

This article on Elsie's Yoga class was in the Providence Journal
For the Moment by Rita Lussier: Yoga’s tranquil language is a mind-bender

Today is a beginning for me, not unlike kindergarten, complete with mats and pillows and blankets. I push open a door and catch a glimpse of a whole new world, a different way of thinking.
Credit my friend, Sharon, for inviting me here to All That Matters in Wakefield, for trying the beginner’s yoga class, first herself, and then letting me know she thinks I would like it, that it would be well worth my while.
Choosing a mat at the back of the room, I figure, could very well be the best move I make for the entire session. Not only am I inconspicuous, but as I soon find out, the wall behind me comes in very handy if — okay, make that when — I lose my balance.
Elsie, our instructor, stands at the front of the class, talking us through every movement, every breath, every stretch, every position. Her voice has a whimsical quality, soft in timbre and surprising in range.
As it turns out, her voice holds the key to my introduction to yoga. It’s not so much her instructions, which are specific, articulate and easy to follow. But what keeps echoing over and over again in my mind long after she says them are the words she is choosing to guide us, a curious counterpoint to the vocabulary of my everyday routine.
As your body allows…When you’re ready… If you feel
like it …
“This is not about performance,” Elsie says, as I sit on my mat, fold myself in half and try touching my head to my toes, even though it will only go as far as my knees. “It’s about practice.”
Maybe you can … As long as you’re comfortable … If you’d like …
While we’re stretching every muscle — and I do mean every muscle — Elsie is asking us to concentrate on our breath, the way we inhale, the way we exhale. Despite the fact that I must have been breathing all those years since I had children, my breath is something I haven’t thought about since, well, Lamaze class. Not that it did any good. But that’s a story for another time.
I take a lot of things about myself for granted. How every muscle, every bone, every cell work together every second of every day, just so I can exist. And yet, unless something goes wrong, I never give it another thought. Until now.
Awareness … Balance … Centering …
As we near the end of the class, we do something that I suspect I will be particularly good at. We lie down on our mats with our pillows and blankets. So far, so good. But then comes the meditation.
My body might be still, but my mind is racing. “I need to get air in my tires.” “When will the painters be done?” “What time am I supposed to pick up my daughter?” “Don’t forget we need Woolite.” “Did I leave water out for the dog?” “How can I stop thinking about these things?”
Practice … Not perform-
ance …
All too soon, we are getting up and getting ready to go back to our day, back to our lives, back to reality. I feel as though I’ve been on another planet, and now, all too quickly, I’ve got to function in this one.
You know. The planet where “Balance” means a washing machine with each pound of laundry carefully placed. Where “Awareness” has less to do with your breathing and everything to do with a gas gauge flashing EMPTY when you’re still five miles from the school. Where “If you feel like it” takes a distant back seat to, “If you don’t, you’re going to wish to God you had.” That planet.
I read once that yogis in India can make their heart rates slow right down just by saying the same word over and over again. I’m hoping there’s a word in yoga that could do that for my life. Maybe at the next class.
Rita Lussier can be reached at or by mail c/o Features Department, The Providence Journal, 75 Fountain St., Providence, RI 02902.

September ramblings by Joan Dwyer....
So this is our 45th catalog, that is a bit hard to believe --even for me.
I was up at Kripalu (the place that inspired me to start All That Matters 13 years ago) this last weekend teaching, they are in the process of adding an additional 80 rooms. This means more and more folks are doing yoga, living well, and exploring the path of healing... world peace cannot be too far behind!
Want to turn more folks on the All That Matters and enjoy some free classes? Join us for Sampler Day - it is Sunday Sept 17th and the schedule for the day will be online soon. I know there will be two yoga classes at 11 and a health service forum later in day where you can get all your health questions answered.
There were two classes that we did not get into the catalog that are happening- Tuesday Nite Meditation and Children's Yoga. They are happening - pass it on.
We have 3 new teachers on our yoga staff this fall. Joy Bennett, who has taught mediation here - way back when we were in the what is not now the store- as our one and only studio. Joy is Kripalu certified and has done extensive "yoga and depression "training with Amy Weintraub. Liz Dufresne will be teaching Baptiste Yoga on Tuesday mornings - Liz has been assisting with the 40 day programs here and has offered Reiki here too. Heather Wiederkehr- our front desk and store goddess just completed yoga teacher training at the Yandara Yoga Institute, an Iyengar based training in Baja California. She is offering a Wed at noon class for an hour.
So are you ready to commit to your health and clean up all those little nagging problems. Join us for 40 days of Personal Revolution. This will be our 3rd time running this program- it is the most profound program we have run here at ATM (in my not too humble opinion). Really if you are meditating, eating good and doing yoga everyday and be supported through it all.... it is a revolution. Any questions just email me at or come to the free talk Sept 17th.
A few of our Special Guest in September worth checking out....
Alison Gaines is offering a wonderful program on how to cleanse your body with foods- click here.
Robert Moss -well known author on dreams will be here talking on The Three ''ONLY'' Things —Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination - this is the title of his new book. click here
Shakta Khalsa is offering the ultimate retreat weekend for women- click here.
there is plenty classes, yoga boot camp with Philip, Crystal Bowls with Rhys Thomas.....

We Just Made Registering For Classes Easier!
We have added a Shopping Cart program to our class registration.
Now you can just click and register- even for yoga !!
We are very excited about this... and did you know when you register online your do not have pay the registration fee!

Spirit Tree Yoga Teacher Training
200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification
with Cathy Cesario, E-RYT 500

I wanted to create a teacher training program that not only provides the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching yoga, but also offers a spiritual and transformational space to evolve as a human being. Someone who radiates from within with the wisdom and compassion of yoga, provides one’s students with true inspiration and healing power, a gift that far surpasses the technical knowledge of yoga postures.”--Cathy Cesario
For more info click here

All That Matters was chosen
BEST OF, again by Rhode Island Monthly!
This time it for "best yogini source".
Here is a photo of me (Joan Dwyer)at the Best of Event and Corina who is holding up the magazine. Corina is the owner of Non Chanlant Mom- who also won a best of!