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Healthy, Lively, Fit & Able

Do you strive for these attributes in your life? The benefits of a healthy
lifestyle are unlimited and build a strong and confident individual.
Plus, let’s not forget beach season is right around the corner!
So lets take a look at what we have to offer to get everyone on the right track to health.

The greatest wealth is health! - Virgil

Stress can take away years from your life, decrease productivity and be a cause for unhappy and unhealthy times. Try Rescue Remedy. Yoga in a bottle, so you can stay stress free, sleep easy and stay calm. Everyone needs their beauty rest ;)

A key to keeping fit is having your own special space and area. Jade Yoga Mats give you that space and keep you grounded.
Considered one of the world's best performing, most environmentally-friendly yoga mats, with premium, non-slip, natural rubber. In or out of the studio.

Come check out our great collection of Andrew Weil’s audio cds for obtaining optimum health. Andrew offers guided cds in meditation, breathing, sleep and more! Receive 10%off any one of his cds in our store!

Meet Edwin Berrios-Ortiz, our featured student of the month!
Edwin is a talented yogi and represents All That Matters well.

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice: In July 08, I was recommended by a friend, and then I was drawn right in. The 40days program also really helped. What is your favorite style of yoga: Vinyasa-hip openers!What other activities do you enjoy: Running, hiking, biking and currently working on achieving my Ph.D.What is the last great book you read/recommend: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.

Favorite sound: the ocean!
Least favorite sound:
New York city Hustle-bustle (traffic)
Favorite meal:
Italian—Lobster ravioli
What keeps you doing yoga:
The spiritual aspects are more important to me than the physical. Yoga keeps me balanced and keeps me at my source.
Advice to beginners:
Listen to your body, and don’t pay attention to what others are saying and doing. Have fun!