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Did you know?
That every Tuesday at 7pm and every Friday at 7:30am there are free Weekly Group Meditations? This was born from our 40 day program where we have been teaching that meditating with others is great way to anchor your practice and effect change. So now we are holding space for that. Consider joining in whenever you can.

We also added a few yoga classes a 6pm Friday and 12 noon Thursday hot power hour!

And to stay hip with times we now have a twitter special each week we post on twitter and facebook and our website 2 class you can take for half price ($7.50).

This weekend is Sampler day and we have a number of great programs … but not many folks registered if you know anyone you would like to turn onto ATM or want a day retreat yourself please consider joining us. .

Lastly the Fall 40 day program begins Sept 30 with a free talk Wed Sept23. Please pass this on to anyone who you think would gain from it. All past 40 day or 21 day folks do get $50 off if they choose to come on board again!.

Curious about the Raw Food Diet... we have a weekend workshop with Berrnadette Penotti trainer to the stars .. Oct 2/3 on the topic!

Providence was just voted America's 5th most stressful city.
Check out Joan Dwyer, owner and founder of All That Matters, talk to ABC 6 news about how to manage stress and keep healthy in these trying times! Click here.

Help Wanted!
PT (12- 20 hours) receptionist at All That Matters
This position requires high energy, excellent people skills, and the ability to multitask effectively. You will also need to be comfortable with computers and interested in or inspired by the field of holistic health. Includes evenings & weekend hour’s.
If this sounds like the right fit for you send your resume to . In your reply, please write "receptionist position” in the subject, and be sure to mention your interest and/or personal experience in the holistic health field in the email.

Meet Don DeBerardino II ,
our featured Student of the Month!

Don is a fun and active yogi, that represents All That Matters well :)

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice:
I started 8 years ago when I was having some serious back pains. Yoga has definitely contributed to helping my back feel pain free!
What is your favorite style of yoga: Heated vinyasa flow! It is a tremendous workout
What other activities do ou enjoy: Archery, fishing, kayaking, lobster-ing and of course, riding my motorcycle.
What is the last great book you read/recommend:
Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions by John (fire) Lame Deer
Favorite Sound: hearing my wife say “I love you” and nature at night...

Least Favorite Sound: People complaining..

Favorite Meal: Anything Italian! ..and oreos and milk...

What keeps you doing yoga: the practice of yoga in general. I come every Monday, I love my Mondays!
Advice to beginners: Check your ego at the door...
What do you like most about All That Matters:
The whole atmosphere . How eveybody is on the same common ground. As soon as you step inside everything of that day is forgotten and you are in the world of Yoga. The teachers are truely gifted people-I thank all of them.