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Healthcare Reform needs our Help
I have been one of those folks sitting on the sidelines listening to the healthcare debates with very little hope of change (even though I voted Obama). I guess the fact that I can afford insurance, albeit catastrophic only, kept me on the side line.
In early October while my husband and I were in a hotel in Florence, Italy, waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport, I fell, the taxi was canceled and an ambulance called. Off to an Italian hospital we went.
As we arrived at the hospital, we were greeted at the door by four healthcare workers, one an orthopedic surgeon. My foot was dislocated and the doctor immediately adjusted it. I was sent for x-rays. They explained them to us, showed us the break, and took time to tell us the prognosis. I was casted and re-x-rayed, and a taxi was called to send us on our way all within an hour of arrival. While waiting for the taxi, my husband realized we had not filled out paperwork, given anyone our health care card, credit card, or address. He went back and asked how to pay for the ambulance and services provided, and was told, “No charge – this is Italy,” and then with a smile, “Don’t worry, Obama is working on it!”
I returned home to have surgery and $15,000 worth of care, which included quite a bit of paperwork and patience. This experience has challenged my sideline position on healthcare. The United States is ranked 37th in world healthcare (by The World Health Organization) and is by far the most expensive. I really wish I could just sit back and believe the Italian hospital worker – not to worry, Obama is working on it – but I think he needs all our help.

Joan Dwyer

Director/ Owner of All That Matters
photo... of Joan post fall...with family

Join us in sharing this seasons spirit by helping to make a less fortunate familys holiday a little brighter!
All That Matters is hosting two families this year. These families have written down a few items that they could use over the holidays and we hope that we can all give a little to help make their holiday a wonderful experience. So come and in and take a card with a family members name, age and wish on their card and then please return the card and gift/item to All That Matters by December 20th. Thank you in advance and we wish you joy this season!

Gradual Transitions and Grateful Times

November comes and November goes,
With the last red berries and the first white snows.”

November a time of change, with harvest stored away, home, hearth, and
Holiday! So let us embrace what is to come, while mentally and physically
preparing ourselves for winters solitude. You’ll be grateful you did...

Feeling inspired by the leaves blowing in the wind?
Channel your inner Picasso and water paint on the Buddha Board. With the Buddha Board, you can create art over and over again with this specially designed water painting easel. Easy clean up and economical smart, this board embodies living in the present moment and accepting change as your creation gradually disappears before your eyes….

Warm up and shape up with this super comfortable and flexible Zobha Essential Zip Jacket! Made from 100% recycled material, this jacket is not only flattering but durable and winter weather ready. Show that frost who’s boss and enjoy the outdoors with grace and ease.

Looking for a great cd to play while entertaining guests, family and friends? Try Quiet Letters by Bliss. This album is a chill out masterpiece, deeply rooted in a fine collage of western, African and classical musical influences, and representing the vast musical backgrounds of the band. Now you can spice up more than what you’re cooking!

Meet Brandon D’Arezzo our featured student of the month!
Brandon is a courteous and dedicated yogi that represents All That Matters well.
When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice:
I actually remember taking my first yoga class in 5th grade and really liking it. Then I started in my freshman year in high school and have kept it up. I’m attracted to the general euphoric feeling I get from the practice.
What is your favorite style of yoga: Kundalini Yoga for the structuring it provides. The repetitions and mantras bring me to a centered place.
What other activities do you enjoy: I love reading and writing.
What is the last great book you read/recommend: Way of the Peaceful Warrior by the Dan Millman
Favorite sound: Gongs...
Least favorite sound: Shrill loud and shrieking noises...
Favorite meal: Got to be honest with Mac & Cheese
What keeps you doing yoga: Yoga keeps me balanced place in my life. I seem to gain more and more from each class.
Advice to beginners: Just sign up and go! Once you sign up for a series you are really encouraging yourself to keep going. Also, try as many different classes, teachers and styles you can to see what is right for you!
What do you like most about All That Matters: The whole atmosphere and feel of the place. Plus I really enjoy that there is a library here. I like to use the library for a quiet place and to study or relax and read.

A big Thank You to all who participated in and donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Class! With your help we were able to donate $214!

With Zobha's help, they were able to donate a beautiful free pink top to all those who gave.

With Coral's help, we were able to have a great class for a great cause!
Stay tuned for more fun charitable classes to come!