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Helping Haiti

Most of us by now have heard of the devastation in Haiti due to a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit the county about 2 weeks ago. Help for Haiti is very much still needed. There are hundred of thousands of people without food, water, shelter, bathrooms, clothing..etc.

We here at All That Matters encourage anyone and everyone to help to aid the people of Haiti anyway they can.

We support the following relief agencies in their efforts to assist the recovery process in Haiti. If you would like to donate please click a link below to find out how.

Partners in Health

The Red Cross ://

Doctors without Borders

Also consider joining one of these classes. Each teacher is donating 20% of their proceeds to Haiti earthquake relief and All That Matters is matching these donations dollar for dollar.

Angelspeake on January 30th

Writing in the Zone on February 28th

Thank you for all your support!!


natural awakenings Look for an article regarding the history of All That Matters in the next edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine. Look under Community Spotlight, and learn how All That Matters started, grew and became what it is today!

It really is a great story, it reads well and speaks to the heart of the business. Congratulations! -Maureen, Publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine


Meet Tina Manoni our featured student of the month!
Tina is a friendly and active yogini that represents All That Matters well

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice: My daughter started it up and she influenced me to give it a try. It was a great because I wanted a new way to work out besides running.
What is your favorite style of yoga: It would have to be vinyasa. I love the flow and how the movement is like a dance.
What other activities do you enjoy: I also enjoy running, biking, kayaking and xc skiing.
Favorite sound: Percussion! A Phil Harmonic performance of percussion is just wonderful.
Least favorite sound: Would have to be loud outdoor
landscaping—such as sawing down a tree.

Favorite meal: I love sushi, seafood and most meats (depending on my mood ) :)
What keeps you doing yoga: Makes me feel good! If I feel crummy coming in, I feel great going out!
Advice to beginners: Find an instructor that you really like. If you find that you are getting “tired of yoga”, try switching up instructors, styles...etc, because everyone teaches in their own unique way.
What do you like most about All That Matters: What I like most about All That Matters is the variety of classes, times and instructors (even the substitutes! Many great choices!



“It is one thing for the entire universe to conspire to make our dreams come true, it’s quite another to set yourself entirely unnecessary challenges”—Paulo Coelho

Don’t let the New Year pressure you into believing you have to be a whole new person,
instead let it guide you towards what is good and true.
Take a peak of some ways we can help keep you on the right track to
health and well being.
~Happy New Decade~


Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Products: holistic, healthy and healing.
If you haven’t experienced Dr. Hauschka products yet, this year may be the time to start. Made from botanical extracts pulled from their own gardens, these products keep your skin in harmony with both your body and nature.




Have you considered using a
reusable, stainless steel water bottle?
Try one of ours!
-8 out of 10 plastic water bottles used in the United States become garbage or end up in a landfill.
-Plastic water bottles are made from non-renewable resources; the Earth Policy
Institute says it takes about 15 million barrels of oil per year to create enough bottles to meet demand.
-In costly news, bottled water is costly. Especially when you can simply drink tap water. You can save hundreds of
dollars a year!
dollars a year.


40Days to Personal Revolution!
Begins January 27th
Stop into the store for anything you need to complete your 40 days!

Thank You for an Amazing
New Year's Eve Gong Bath!

We did it- Gonging all night long for just about 10- 12 hours!Many thanks to the 30+ people who braved the weather and brought their energy and intentions into a powerful circle of resonance and community.It was an amazing night! Hearts were open, energy was flowing and community was created in a circle of sound healing, transformation and manifestation.
Along with the gongs we were chanting, drumming, singing, and even enjoyed the sounds of the cello. We don't want to forget the deep, melodic resonant snoring that seemed to add to the experience just perfectly. We sat in silent meditation at 4am and then gently welcomed the early morning light of a new day, a new year, a new decade with bells, mantra and more gongs.
We were delighted to get the chance to lay down, rest and receive while some picked up a mallet and approached the gongs with gentle sacredness.
Thank you! Your playing was beautiful and so appreciated.
This was a New Year's Eve like no other and one to be remembered as our intentions resonate throughout the year. May 2010 bring you life's unimaginable possibility!