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Meet Colette Fortenberry our featured student of the month!
Colette is a sweet and friendly yogini that represents All That Matters well!
Age 6 - Kindergartener (see anyone of any age can do yoga!)

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice: My Mom and Dad gave me a yoga pass for my Christmas present last year.
What is your favorite style of yoga: I really like Belle’s class because we get to do a new pose each class, and we get to color and sing songs.
What other activities do you enjoy: Playing with my dog Biscuit and swimming and riding my 2 wheel scooter.
Favorite sound: The birds outside
Least favorite sound: People yelling and screaming
Favorite meal: Pasta!!
Great Movie or book to recommend?: Cinderella (a classic)
What keeps you doing yoga: Because yoga is fun and it makes me feel happy :)
Advice to beginners: To listen to your teacher
What do you like most about All That Matters: I like picking out presents for my mom and dad in the store because of all the pretty things in the store...and because Yoga is fun!


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