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Greetings fellow yogi and yoginis!

Thank you all so much for supporting us here at All That Matters. We hope our classes, workshops and facility have helped you to grow in many ways.


Being our 15 year anniversary we would love to hear back from you! Through our facebook page we are starting a discussion about sharing great stories and testimonials about All That Matters. It could be anything you are willing to share, from a memorable experience to a funny story.


The top testimonial will be featured in our winter catalog and the winner will also receive a $20 gift card to All That Matters.


So share away!


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Celebrate your Independence! Be Free!
July 4th shouldn’t be the only time to really honor freedom, independence and history. Use this whole month to reflect on how you can release yourself from bad habits, negative emotions and stressful situations. Living a holistic lifestyle is always there to assist you,
but here are a few other suggestions to help you feel fresh and liberated!
“Always be a first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of
someone else” - Judy Garland
The lotus symbol is a pretty prominent symbol you may see within the yoga world, and there is good reason why. The lotus symbol embodies infinite potential,
symbolizes renewal - transformation and new beginnings. So if you want to be surrounded by these good vibes, stop in and check out our multiple selection of jewelry inspired by the lotus flower! Featured here are Satya’s sterling silver
Lotus earrings. Free yourself from guilt and splurge a little here and there.. ;)

pemaTry taking some advice from world renown author Pema Chodron. In one of her newest books, Taking the Leap: Freeing ourselves from Old
Habits and Fears, Pema shares insights and practices we can immediately put to use in our lives to awaken our essential qualities. “Pema’s writings have been helpful to countless numbers of people trying to find some ground for their being in this chaotic world” -Bill Moyers. Come check out this book, other Pema Chodron books, or any of the countless guidance books we carry to help you feel wonderful and free!


Helping you live a lifestyle of Health and Wellness

Meet Barbara Holtzman:

Holtzman, Barbara Barbara L. Holtzman, MSW, LICSW, is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and lifestyle coach in Providence and Wakefield RI. A graduate of Smith College School for Social Work (1981) and a 2-year hypnotherapy course, she has had extensive training in the mind/body connection and has a personal mindfulness meditation practice. Barbara is a nationally acclaimed speaker and leads workshops at colleges, hospitals, women's expos, wellness centers and professional conferences.

Barbara has a workshop here at All That Matters on July 19 from 6-9pm.
Her workshop is:

Making Peace with Food
& Your Body
here, Barbara shares with us an article found in Oprah Magazine and some insights..

The Non-Diet Approach
Endorsed by Oprah


Barbara: This is an interview with Geneen Roth in the April 2010 Oprah Magazine and her new book, "Women, Food and God" that I think will resonate for you. I share them with you because it helps to hear the information many times and sometimes a different voice will help us "get it." If you are tired of dieting, bingeing, or losing and gaining the same 15 or 50 lbs, Geneen's experience and words of wisdom may help strengthen your intention to finally make peace with food and your body.

"Conquering issues with weight starts with learning to love yourself", Geneen says. 'How would you treat a child who needed your love? Would you just whack them around and just say: 'Wrong! Bad. Look at your thighs, look at your legs'? No. Kindness. Only kindness makes sense. Only kindness ever makes sense."

Note from Barbara: We think we can shame ourselves into taking better care of ourselves, but it doesn't work, does it? We think we have to be perfect to be loved. But don't you love your children, your pets and your friends, even though they're not perfect? Why do you deserve anything less?

"Having issues with weight is always about more than the food." "Your beliefs show up in your relationship with food. So if I'm eating when I'm not hungry, I'm basically saying 'I can't feel these feelings. Life is too much for me."

Barbara: In my newsletters on emotional eating, I've mentioned some practices for coping with feelings without using food (which is also the name of one of the tracks on my CD). We can't give up using food as our main source of pleasure and comfort unless we have others. And, by the way, I have recently added another approach that has been deliciously satisfying - Martha Beck's "Joy Diet." I will share some of her ideas in the next newsletter.

In the article in Oprah's magazine, one of Geneen's students talks about how Geneen's teachings changed her.

" What mostly clicked was recognizing that going to the food wasn't working and that what I was looking for wasn't in the food. So what I was trying to get rid of and what I was trying to not feel, it didn't help to be eating over it... The other thing that clicked was that there was a whole lot of pain there to look at. I needed to look at some of the layers, recognizing some of the beliefs that were keeping me at the weight where I was." 'Those beliefs, she says, were that she wasn't good enough, that nobody liked her and that nobody would accept her the way she was'.

Geneen shares a gem of a recommendation that I think all recovering emotional eaters should write down and keep handy: 'To eat what you want when you're hungry and to feel what you feel when you're not.'

Barbara: Please remember that you developed these belief systems and habits as the best coping strategies you had at the time you started using them. Since you've practiced them for many years, insight alone will not change them. But by having a clear intention, a plan, and compassion for yourself, your new behaviors will eventually become your new 'default setting.' And when you inevitably experience an emotional eating experience, you will get the learning (of what precipitated it and what you needed), forgive yourself and let it go.


In case you've missed it, check out some of our wonderful new additions to our weekly yoga schedule!
Monday – 6pm Restorative Vinyasa Flow with Cathy Cesario
restorative_copyWednesday – 11:30am Tai Chi with Mark
5:45pm Open yoga with Anni
6pm Heated Vinyasa with Coral
taichi Friday – 9:30am Basic with Elsie
Sunday – 5:30pm Mystery Yoga

question Full Moon Yoga on Jun 26 * Jul 25 * Aug 24 at 7:45pm /South Kingstown Beach


And remember – Yoga on the Beach begins in July on Wed, Sat and Sun!

Thank You! Hope to see you all!



We did it.. the local businesses pooled their resources and this summer SK has a free trolley. Go Green!

This free trolley service runs 7 days a week
from 8:00 am- 10:00 pm.
The Trolley will start at The Holiday Inn on Rt. 1 then to The South County Commons, The Hampton Inn, The Wakefield Mall, Purple Cow, Downtown Main Street, The Mews Tavern, Mariner Square, Port Of Galilee, Roger Wheeler Beach, Scarborough Beach, Turtle Soup, Pier Marketplace, Narragansett Beach, Narrow River Kayaks and finally back to The Holiday Inn.

Thanks to The Trolley Steering Committee for a job well done and to all of The Chamber Business Partners that supported this exciting new service!