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Welcome Spring!!

yoga-and-flowersAccording to the Five Element theory, the human body is made of the same five primary elements that exist in nature - wood, fire, metal, earth and water. Each element relates to different organs, energy systems, physical and psychological aspects of who we are. And just like in nature, our bodies also experience 'seasons'.

Meridians: Liver and Gall Bladder
by Lisa Telford

As the heavy chill of winter begins to lift, the days become longer and our amount of activity naturally increases. Spring is the season of fresh new beginnings. New shoots sprout from the ground & trees and the energy is a rising one of lightness, freshness and renewal. A healthy wood element provides us with the ability to CHANGE and to be FLEXIBLE.

The liver & gall bladder are the organs of focus in spring. In oriental medicine the liver is seen as the emperor of the body and sets the standards for the rest of the body to follow so a healthy liver means a healthy reference point for the whole body. A time for spring-cleaning inside as well as out, we focus on detoxifying & cleansing the body of the build-ups that accumulate from the heavier diet & lowered activity of winter.

Other areas associated with these organs, the joints especially shoulders and knees, tendons, immune system, eyes and vision can also be accessed and healed at this time. When our wood element is functioning well we feel clear, light, inspired and connected to our higher vision. Our immune system is healthy and we are flexible enough to change direction and move with ease.

Rise early, try somthing new, revitalise, active and attune yourself to the energy of this exciting season!!



Tis the Week of St. Patty's Day and in honour of our Irish friends and roots, we would like to share a blessing with you that rings true to our yogic roots as well!

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

Also, if you find yourself like this on or after St. Pattys Day (and discovered that you enjoyed it) then come on in to a yoga class where we can help release up some tense muscles and get you nice and relaxed without the help use of alcohol ;)



2011 500-hr YTT Group Shot - high res

Please take a moment to welcome our newest group of Teacher Trainee's! Coral Brown began her 500-hr Teacher Training Program in February and took this fantastic picture of the happy, beautiful faces! If you see them around, make sure to say hello!


Meet Kristi Martel our featured student of the month!
Kristi is a friendly and active yogini that represents All That Matters well!

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice: I was a jujitsuka, badly injured my back & yoga really helped . I loved the gymnastics of it.
What is your favorite style of yoga:  I started with Iyengar and loved the attention to alignment, but currently heated vinyasa is my favorite because I feel cleansed , rung out, and fully stretched.
What other activities do you enjoy: I’m a pianist, vocalist, songwriter, & dancer. Baking, swimming, knitting, spending time with my family, & teaching music.
Favorite sound:  the ocean, a barn full of horses, morning birds, my boyfriends voice.
Least favorite sound:  feedback while on stage...
A great inspiring book you recommend: Keri Hume’s “The Bone People”
What keeps you doing yoga:  Feeling more fully in body.
Advice to beginners: just keep showing up:) with my back injury I couldn’t touch my toes, but within a few months of practice I could, and after about 8 months I could fold in half again!!!
What do you like most about All That Matters: I like that there are so many classes. I like the desk folks and several of the teachers.
Any other words of wisdom?: Just be present to what is :)