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Happy Halloween!



To me this is such a fun and exuberant holiday! It also fills me with delight to know that not only do the people in this country like to honor this holiday, but the WHOLE WORLD. It invites a sense of union, community and (in a ironic way) peace. Most everyone knows that things can get a little wild and crazy, but there's a communal understanding that it is because of this day, this tradition, that everything really is OK and we can let go.

Maybe we can apply this is our lives for everyday living. Not by exactly dressing in costumes and invoking a sense of fear on people, but to let ourselves go in simple and subtle ways.

If you like Halloween because you can really get into making some sweet home-made costumes, consider taking some time to really acknowledge this creativity in you and apply it to daily situations. You'll never be bored or down on yourself if you have a project to work on!
If you like Halloween because you get to indulge in some candy, give yourself than once a year and DO NOT feel guilty about it. Plus there are many organic, and healthier holiday treats you can make;)
If you like Halloween because you invite the sense of fear into your life, try some more challenges! Whether it be on or off the mat, build yourself up to overcome any type of fear you might have and start checking off that bucket list.

All in all, Halloween is a special time for different reasons, and when you discover your own think of how you can keep this joy and communal spirit going through good and bad!
now where's that candy....



Last week we looked to the trees for some inspiration,insect
this week lets look what may be IN the trees for some more...

(characterized by a ready
capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements.)

Take the katydid here, an example of how evolution (or something greater) helped design a species to easily blend in with its surroundings. Flexibility is an important characteristic to our lives as well. Once we have become fully rooted in who we are, we also should find a balance to be flexible in our relationship with others. Let us remember to be open minded, experience new and old as well as finding a peaceful way to adapt to the ever changing world. We want to be fully awakened to accept opportunites that might come our way, or keep our health and state of mind when times may get tough. Like bamboo or branches that sway in the wind, they are strong and yet flexible.
With relation to yoga - mental flexibility and inner spaciousness are the core work of yoga, equipping you to engage fully with others and to understand your place in the world. A flexible body is a joyous by-product of that process.

The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers. -Brian Greene


leaves1Finding Balance




Lets look to the leaves this week for some inspiration shall we?


Right now it seems as though in certain areas of the state the fall foliage is at it's peak of greatness (color, quality and warmth) and yet other areas have begun their journey into winter.


How can these transitions guide us through life? Here is my take on some autumn delights.




When the leaves are at their best it encourages me to also let myself shine. Maybe I can finally finish that project I have been chipping away at or have even better putting off. Maybe I can dive deeper into my practice, whether yoga or meditation, to really tap into my own natural state to see how far I can go or observe how far I've come. Maybe I'm already there, happy and content with my present being and just want to share that with as many as I can. Walk around with that glowing look, share my colorful self with others and inspire them to find their "peak".leaves2


A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home. ~Author Unknown




When the leaves start to descend, they encourage me to slow down.


Maybe I will let go of certain judgements or worries that have plagued my mind. Maybe I should release myself from fear and's time to explore new options, surroundings, challenges and ideas. A leaf falling could mean a sense of freedom rather than a sadness. Maybe it will remind me to return to the earth-through an environmental approach. Maybe I should consider how much trash I really throw out, or what I could do to reduce my environmental footprint. Maybe a leaf falling just means I need to become more grounded, maybe it simply means I need to relax..and stop asking myself all these questions.




Either way you look at it, I hope you can find some inspiration in it. The only thing constant is change...If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit




And if your not an outdoorsy person....maybe yoga will help:)


Meet Seychelle Hoffer, our featured student spotlight!
Seychelle is a wonderful and kind yogini that represents All That Matters well.

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice:
I started about 7 years ago and was happy with the increased strength and flexibility that I noticed. I found that yoga complimented my other physical activities, and over the years yoga also benefited my mental focus and connection to my spirituality.
What is your favorite style of yoga: Vinyasa, although I enjoy an occasional Bapriste Power Class.
seychelleWhat other activities do you enjoy: I love being active in any way, especially outdoors! I like gardening, hiking with my dogs, reading, writing, and cooking vegetarian food.
What is the last great book you read/recommend: Even Cowgirls get the Blues by Tom Robbins.
Favorite sound: The ocean, especially in the early morning when the beach is still empty and quiet.
Least favorite sound: Monday morning alarm clock...
Favorite meal: Tofu/Veggie pad thai from Seven Moons:)
What keeps you doing yoga: How great I feel after every class! No matter how stressed or tired I am heading into class, I always feel energized and rejuvenated by the time we hit savasana. Yoga is healing for both my body and mind, and the physical strength and flexibility are nice side effects.
Advice to beginners: Try a variety of different classes to find which is the best fit for you. Approach yoga with an open mind and be prepared to feel frustrated at times. It’s not a competition, and if you stick with it, you’ll find the benefits will be amazing!
What do you like best about All That Matters: I love the sense of community, I have met some amazing people here—both teachers and students. I feel as though I can leave stress at the door, fully relax and devote some time to nurture my mind, body and spirit.
Any other words of wisdom: Yoga has taken me places I never would have thought possible, both directly and indirectly—I can’t imagine not having it in my life.


The Importance of Awareness

purplemushroomI was out hiking in the woods yesterday trying to take in the fresh air and the overall fall feeling, when I noticed the cutest little purple mushroom growing out of the ground. Instead of just glancing at the mushroom and continuing on my way, I actually took a minute or two to really observe the fungi as well as my surroundings. I became fully aware of my surroundings, the mushrooms presence as well as my own. It was so small and myself so large. It thrives on light and moisture. We also need sun and water. But the special thing about seeing this mushroom (and fully appreciating its presence and how it helped me heighten my senses and feel more aware) was that the further along I walked on my hike the more and more mushrooms I spotted. It was as if the universe was rewarding me with a feast for the eyes because I put it out there that I was interested and amazed with the mushroom.

So in an effort not to ramble on too much, I hope to bring some kind of reference or conclusion to this story. And to sum it up here is a quote by Richard Miller:

"When we move in the world of senses, yet keep our senses in harmony, free from attachment to attraction or aversion, we rest in the wisdom heart of our True nature...the true equanimity of Being.." - from YOGA NIDRA.

May we take this story and apply to our own lives, whether through times of stress or peace. Being present, aware, awake, and mindful removes the "blinders" and can open your mind and heart to extraordinary experiences and opportunities; maybe with room for improvement.

If you would like to fully immerse yourself in how to really connect to your senses without going for a hike in nature, then check out our upcoming series of classes Inegrative Rest - Yoga Nidra with Kendall Sheldon. Kendall can bring you into a relaxed state and calls this class the ultimate stress buster as well as a quiet time to seek inward. Richard Miller's book is also available in our store~yoga nidra