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Advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Senior Teachers in the Kripalu Lineage


by Colleen Russell


500 Hr YTT

 It’s a grand time to be a yoga teacher.  Yoga is being utilized in a variety of fields to complement therapies, relieve stress, combat depression, and promote peaceful living.  Watching the population of yoga students grow tells us that people are turning to this practice in order to cope with the suffering in this world.  Those same students returning to class week after week speaks for itself--this stuff really works!  


All That Matters Continuing Yoga Education Center

In Rhode Island, All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center is a centralized place for yogis to gather with like-minded people to practice, relax, and just breathe.  It is also a premiere training facility and continuing education center for yoga teachers, proudly hosting workshops and certification programs with industry-leading holistic health professionals.  Owner and co-creator Joan Dwyer is honored that her desire to bring holistic living out of the underground, a calling that first led her to open All That Matters, is finally coming to fruition.  


Do You Want To Grow Your Yoga Business?

Many certified yoga teachers wonder how to grow their business, expand their client base, and teach more dynamic, impassioned classes.  For some, the answer involves giving up their mat at the head of the class and experiencing yoga again through the eyes of student.  Continuing education for yoga teachers is a choice to embark on a personally-empowering journey of self-inquiry.  Through this study, a developing yogi also receives the practical benefit of professional growth.  


Is 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Required for Yoga Teachers?

Advanced yoga teacher training and graduate-level workshop studies are not required for teachers that have completed their 200-hour yoga certification, but a growing number of yoga teachers are opting to pursue a 500-hour yoga teacher training.  In an industry with an increasing number of studios and programs available, students are becoming more advanced and demanding more rigorous classes.  As a graduate of this program, a yoga teacher will have the skills and credentials required to provide continuing education classes and workshops to other teachers.  Higher-level studies are what differentiate one yoga teacher from another, helping a practitioner to deepen their studies as they glean new insights for teaching to a wider range of students.  


500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training That Fits Your Lifestyle

In the past, pursuing a 500 hour yoga teacher training certification involved months-long retreat-style courses that required putting life and family on hold.  Seeing the need for a credentialed local experience, All That Matters has created a transformative weekend-module training program right here in Wakefield, RI.  We are thrilled to partner with the esteemed Devarshi Steven Hartman and the teachers in the  Pranotthan School of Yoga for the next training which will begin in January of 2014.  Never before has a group of this caliber come together to deliver a yoga teacher training.  We are humbled to be able to welcome them to All That Matters and proud that we are able to bring you the very best teachers in practice.  


Industry-Leading Faculty:  Devarshi and the Pranotthan School of Yoga Teachers 

The lead teacher for our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will be Devarshi Steven Hartman, the former dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga, a former longtime Kripalu resident, and a teacher and bodyworker for more than thirty years.  Over the course of your advanced coursework, you will also have the opportunity to train with all The Pranotthan teachers, the industry-renowned leaders in yoga and holistic education.  Each one of these amazing people has many years of experience and offers great depth of knowledge and enthusiasm in the Art and Science of Yoga.


Graduate-Level Training for Teachers from All Yoga Traditions

The 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Pranotthan School of Yoga at All That Matters is open to current yoga teachers who have already completed RYT-200 certification.  This dynamic program will provide students with the framework to help them understand how the concepts and techniques associated with different styles of yoga converge, making it an appropriate course for students of any tradition.   As Devarshi tells his students, "You can be doing Bikram Yoga and doing Pranotthan Yoga.  You can be doing Ashtanga Yoga and doing Pranotthan Yoga.  You can be eating a sandwich and doing Pranotthan Yoga."  This advanced yoga teacher training program will allow you to refine your presentation skills, giving you confidence to teach advanced poses which will take your practice--and your business--to the next level.


500 Hour YTT at All That Matters Begins in February, 2014

This 11-weekend training will begin on February 20, 2014 and graduate on March 8, 2015.  If you are interested in learning more, please call us at 401-782-2126.


3 Minute Audio             Register for Free Talk           Register for 500 Hr YTT


A Sneak Peek at the 11 Weekends of Training 

 Weekend 1: 

Feb 20-23, 2014

The Foundations of Pranotthan Yoga 

with Devarshi 

Weekend 5: 

Sep 12-14, 2014 -

Transformation Through Asana, 

with Jovinna Chan 

Weekend 8: 

Dec 5-7, 2014

An Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine,

with Hilary Garivaltis

Weekend 11: 

Mar 5-8, 2015

Business of Yoga,

with Joan Dwyer

Sharing, Celebration, and Graduation, 

with DevarshiJoan Dwyer & Jovinna Chan

 Weekends 2-3: 

Mar 21-23, 2014 & Apr 25-27, 2014-

Prana’s Full Power: A Chakra and Anatomy Intensive, 

with Grace Jull

Weekend 6:

Oct 10-12, 2014

Meditation: Liberation through Self-Observation

with Jovinna Chan

Weekend 9: 

Jan 9-11, 2015 

Tools for Teaching the Deeper Practices, 

with Jurian Hughes



 Weekend 4: 

May 23-25, 2014 

The Power of Pranayama

with Devarshi


Weekend 7:

Nov 7-9, 2014 

Advance your Assisting Skills, 

w/Priti Robyn Ross

Weekend 10: 

Feb 6-8, 2015

Restorative Yoga, 

with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen


How to Master the Basics of a Common Yoga Flow


Want to learn to master the basics of a common yoga flow? Many yogis, both newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike, find they have trouble with their alignment and flow during the common flow from yoga positions dowarward facing dog to plank to chatauranga to upward facing dog and back to downward facing dog. Listen to Coral Brown's simple instructions and tips as she guides Amanda Pretto into finding the proper alitnment for this flow.



Check out our schedule of weekly classes to see when Coral and Amanda are teaching!

If you enjoyed this video, visit the All That Matters Youtube channel for more words of wisdom from our practitioners.

Meet All That Matters Yoga Student Cindy Butera


ATM Yoga Student Cindy ButeraMeet All That Matters yogi Cindy Butera and enjoy learning a little more about her as we have!


What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

I have done everything from aerobics and running to lifting weights and spinning, but wanted a more total body workout without putting stress on one area of my body.  Plus, I love the outfits!


What is your favorite type or style of yoga and why?  

I love going to Jessie’s Purna Yoga classes.  She really helped me to understand what alignment means in the postures.  Also, she taught me that it is not a bad thing to use a block.  If you are doing the pose correctly, you probably need a block.


What keeps you doing yoga? 

I feel much better after I have done a yoga class than when I first walk in.  I want to always stay active.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Savasana– Class is over!


What other activities do you enjoy? 

I have a pool in my backyard and love to swim.  


An inspiring book or movie you recommend:

I like to read murder mysteries, especially James Patterson.  I love scary movies without blood, like “Paranormal Activity”.


Favorite sound: Birds singing


Favorite food: Nachos


Favorite place to be: Anywhere my family is.  We are a very close family.


What do you like best about All That Matters? I have not met an instructor that I didn’t like.  They are all so nice and willing to help you anytime you ask.  Plus, they make it a point to know your name.  It truly feels like I have known them a lot longer than I have.


Advice to beginners?  Make sure you try all the classes that are offered.  Every class has something to offer you and it keeps your practice interesting.


Any other words of wisdom: Have fun!

Explore Holistic Wellness Through Ayurveda with Kripalu's Hilary Garivaltis


 Hilary Garivaltis 


by Colleen Russell


Holistic Health Workshops Oct 18-20:

Ayurveda With Hilary Garivaltis



All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center has been encouraging Ayurveda to take root in South County, RI  for many years.  Our health services menu includes the bodywork services of two talented Ayurvedic practitioners; Belle and Carolee.  Our library and store both display several books about Ayurvedic wellness and lifestyle.  Still, the majority of the clients walking through our doors don’t understand what Ayurveda is--or that it may be able to help them live happier, healthier lives.


What Is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda, or “the science of life,” is an ancient Indian form of natural medicine that promotes health and wellness through lifestyle changes and holistic treatments.  At its core is the “theory of three doshas” which proposes that three principles operate in tandem to form the mind/body connection.  Each person exhibits unique physical and emotional  traits influenced by the balance of these three mind/body types.  A believer in Ayurveda seeks to evaluate which of the three doshas has the strongest effect on his or her life and chooses a series of treatments and lifestyle changes in order to create balance within the mind and body.


What's Your Dosha?


Determining which constitution is most prominent in your behavior, your physical being, and in your energy can give you great insight into your health and emotional tendencies.  Knowing your constitution can therefore assist an Ayurvedic practitioner in guiding lifestyle changes and therapy regimes to prevent maladies.  Want to know your dosha?  Visit Hilary's site for an informative guide to determining your constitution.


How Can Ayurveda Help Me?


The ultimate goal of Ayurvedic medicine is to discover how your own body operates, learn how to maintain a perfect balance of energy, and ultimately to stay happy and healthy.  It is a deep and meaningful journey of self-inquiry from which we emerge aware and empowered.  Ayurveda clients are encouraged to find balance in their energies.  We believe that Ayurveda is an amazing and transformational natural practice that is literally healing people who Western Medicine alone is unable to help.  In lieu of typical medication prescriptions, these patients are prescribed a healthy diet, fulfilling exercise, and a rewarding lifestyle.


The Relationship of Ayurveda to Yoga


Ayurveda is interrelated to our practice, laying the scientific framework for our physical work.  Hilary Garivaltis, the Founder and Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, describes Ayurveda as the sister science to yoga where “yoga is the development and care of the soul, while ayurveda is the system that helps to take care of the vessel that holds the body.”  With training from the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and advanced training from the Rishikesh College of Ayurveda and the Jiva Institute in India, Hilary is a world-renowned Ayurveda program facilitator.   


Want to Learn More about Ayurveda?  


We are thrilled to welcome Hilary Garivaltis to Wakefield, RI from October 18-20th for three days of Ayurveda workshops at All That Matters.  Participants are welcome to attend a single workshop or to register for the entire program.  It is promised to be an experience that will help you change your routine and transform your life.  We will begin with an informative Introduction to Ayurveda on Friday night.  Saturday will be a day of self-inquiry as we explore the Fundamental Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine, determine our predominant constitution, and examine ways that people are thrown out of balance.   We will finish the weekend with a “hands-on” day of demonstration and practice as we explore Daily Tools for Healthy Living, learning how to bring back and maintain balance in our everyday lives.  Those who are interested in personalized time with Hilary may book a private session at All That Matters on Monday, October 21st.  


If you would like to join us for this unique opportunity to learn from Hilary Garivaltis, Kripalu's Founder and Dean of the School of Ayurveda, please register online or call the front desk at 782-2126. 

A Great Read To Consider


Nourishing The TeacherCalling all yoga students and teachers! We have a great new read waiting for you at The Store at All That Matters. Danny Arguetty's Nourishing The Teacher could be just the book you are looking for. See what others have said about this nourishing text below.


Danny Arguetty will also be offering three workshops at All That Matters in January of 2014. Learn more here.


“Inspired by his study of Tantra and Anusara Yoga, Arguetty presents seed concepts drawn from yoga philosophy and his own life experience—the present moment, the goddess Devi, the anahata (heart) chakra, to name a few—as potential opportunities for self-exploration. He offers instruction for investigating each concept with contemplation and intention, asana practice, visualizations, and pranayama, and for teaching these concepts to others.” -Yoga Journal


"This book is filled with valuable teaching ideas, experiences, and knowledge for yoga teachers and students. Danny's way of writing is inviting. He shares his vast and varied yoga teaching and yoga study with great generousity. Like a teacher willing to give away all their best teaching tools and tricks. He is so well-rounded in his approach that no matter what style ot type of yoga you take or teach, this book is sure to expand your horizons and expertise. If you have been teachng yoga for a while and are looking for inspiration, this is your book. If you are a student and want to make your personal practice richer or get more from the classes you are taking, this is your book. Truly nourishing." -Devarshi Steven Hartman


"If I had to get rid of all the books in my library and could only keep one this is the one I'd keep. It continues to surprise me and definately nourishes me. I thank the author for all the effort he put into Nourishing The Teacher. There is no other book like it." -500-hr Yoga Teacher


Visit Danny's website at

Meet Yoga Student Tim Shield


Tim Shield All That Matters Student of the MonthEach month we highlight an All That Matters yoga student. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about Tim Shield, how he went from Cap'n Crunch to Kale, and his insights on how to maintain peace in daily life.


What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

My first yoga class was with Jessie at All That Matters. More than anything I started doing yoga to begin to find peace within myself. My mind can be a loud place and yoga helped quiet that noise.


What is your favorite type or style of yoga and why?  

Though I do more Heated Vinyasa than anything, my favorite type is Kundalini.  In Kundalini, I have found that the mantras and movements create a certain space in my mind that is truly transformative. I have yet to wear the white bonnet that my instructor does, but maybe one day...


What keeps you doing yoga?  Peace. The notion that whatever mistake I made yesterday, with practice, there is always a chance for peace and redemption. Even if only in my own mind.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why? This is a no brainer- “child’s pose”.  This is a pose I have really begun to master throughout the course of my practice. I think my instructors would agree.


An inspiring book or movie you recommend: A little seen and even less understood film by Terrence Malick, called The New World. Filmed as a memory, it explores the choice between the kind of love that tears us apart and the love we deserve.


Favorite food: It used to be Cap’n Crunch before they discontinued it. Crunch Berries to be exact. Now, it’s kale. How about that for a turnaround?


Favorite place to be: Taking a walk through Point Judith at night. The sound of the waves rolling off the rocks in front of my house with the quiet moan of a foghorn in the distance. These simple things beat a swank downtown city apartment any day of the week.


What other activities do you enjoy: Before yoga, my activities were usually comprised of ordering Dominos Deep Dish, some Miller Lites, and watching re-runs of Three’s Company.  Since yoga, there has been a drastic change to say the least. I am far from perfect, but yoga is helping me get to where I want to be.


What do you like best about All That Matters? As the Front Desk Goddesses will attest, I am quite a fan of the ginger chews. Even more than that it is the energy of compassion that resonates the place. The studio is filled with instructors and staff that genuinely take the time to know you and to make you feel part of something.


Advice to beginners?  Do the 40 Days program. Jessie Eisendrath suggested it to me and I am forever grateful to her for it. It encompasses nutrition, yoga, and overall well-being. It challenges you, but more than that it bonds you with people you never knew and may never have known without it.


Any other words of wisdom: Don’t sit by the heater in heated yoga classes.