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Aria Mia Loberti - "The Power of Posture"

"... there are few skills that are healthier or more valuable than harnessing the magical power of your posture." - Aria Mia Loberti Read More

Finding Balance Through Food

As we approach the equinox on Sept 21, and transition fully into fall- or any season for that matter- it's important to acknowledge how the cycles of time create shifts in how we feel. Additionally, our nutritional needs change depending on our environment. Awareness of these changes is the first step in optimal health. Read More

September Yogi of the Month: David Fulton

David Fulton began his yoga practice about 5 years ago. His interest in exploring a variety of different styles, as well as his integration of the practice in his everyday life make him a wonderful yogi to feature this month. Read More

Book Recommendation: Learning how to live a healthy lifestyle without obsessing

With a focus on promoting an overall healthy lifestyle, yoga instructor Lynn Goodwin shows her clients how to combine mindful eating with healthy activity. As we transition into fall, Lynn gives a great reading recommendation for those looking to find their way back to a healthy routine. Read More