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Developing Confidence Without Becoming Arrogant by Alexandra Hope Flood

"I used to labor under the gross illusion that confidence was elusive, like a Sasquatch..." Read More

Hindu Mythology with Coral Brown

Hinduism is a belief system that has been around for centuries. With historical roots grounded in yoga, it has shaped the foundation of the practice that we know and love. Read More

Are you struggling with your New Years Resolution of Mindfulness?

Every year we make resolutions to better ourselves. Often times, a few weeks into the New Year, the enthusiasm begins to wain and we find ourselves struggling with keeping our good intentions. Read More

The 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION begins next week!

You have heard about it... You have thought about... Today is the time. Read More

January Student of the Month: Stephanie LePlante

All That Matters' Student of the Month Read More

A Study of Anatomy, Movement, and Asana with David Dwyer

Our bodies are one of our greatest, and most mysterious, possessions. It is what propels us throughout our daily tasks, moves us from place to place, and allows us to lay still and silent. As we move more into our bodies with the practice of yoga, we learn that they are a source of endless exploration. Read More

Patanjali’s Sutras: A Path to Freedom with Devarshi Steven Hartman

Have you been searching for a guide down your own path of enlightenment? Have you heard about the Yoga Sutra but have been looking to learn more and explore it further? Join Devarshi, a yoga student and teacher of over 30 years, as you explore the words and traditions of Patanjali. Read More

ATM Student of the Month: Pat Salzillo

A look into this month's featured student. Read More