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Inspiration shared from upcoming teacher and long time friend Erin Sharaf. Check out her Mindfulness + Magic website at and join her July 23 for "Mindful Eating, Mindful Living" at All That Matters Read More

Cloud Dancing and Weather Shamanism with Nan Moss - July 24-26

Weather is a primary tool of Creation. As an expression and force of Nature, it nurtures, shapes, and re-configures the Earth. We are all touched by weather as it continually affects our physiological and emotional well being. Dedicated to healing our world and hearts, Weather Shamanism is about the shaman’s responsibility of looking after relations between the human community and Nature. Its practice requires respectful interactions between humans and all our relations.

Yoga of the Mouth - Devarshi Steven Hartman

A story. A man was inspired by his Guru to begin the practice of yoga. The man spoke to his Guru of his concerns and said, “If I practice yoga, will I have to give up eating meat, drinking alcohol, and having sex with many women?” His Guru said. “No, you do not have to give up any of those things…Just begin the practice of yoga earnestly and the day will come when you no longer desire any of these things.” Read More

June Student of the Month: Joan Crothers

Every month, All That Matters likes to shine a spotlight on one of our yoga students. Whether they are new to the practice, or seasoned professionals, we believe every student brings their own unique personality and value to the mat. Learn more about what attracts them to yoga, their favorite pose, and other activities they enjoy. This month, All That Matters would like to welcome, Joan Crothers (nominated by another Joan...Dwyer!) Read More