Sheri Silva at All That Matters Yoga + Holistic Health Center

Sheri Silva


Through her experiences as a yoga practitioner and instructor, Sheri found her journey towards traditional Thai Yoga Massage as a gateway for hands on healing. Her understanding of the body as both matter and spirit assists in a deep healing process, and amplifies her passion for this unique and powerful modality. There is sweetness, strength, playfulness, and skillfulness that brings sincerity and connection to each and every session.

Sheri began her studies in Thai Yoga Massage in 2006 with her root yoga teacher Saul David Raye, and is certified in Levels I and II through the Ritam School of Healing Arts. She continues to study with and assist Saul David Raye in both yoga and Thai Yoga Massage trainings and workshops nationally, and she continues to truly enjoy offering these healing sessions to those around her. 

Sheri is an active practitioner of yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, sacred dance, and Feng Shui, and she is eternally grateful to all the teachers who continue to inspire and guide her. 

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