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Have you wondered about yoga but been hesitant to try it?


Yoga offers many gifts, and flexibility isn’t necessary to reap the rewards—which include stress release, deeper states of relaxation, normalized blood pressure, relief of minor back pains, and a balance of strength and flexibility. Most students who practice yoga regularly notice an increase in vitality and an overall sense of well-being.


Whether for fitness, as a relaxation technique, or as a stepping stone to higher awareness, yoga has the inherent power to make a profound and positive difference in your life. In these workshop style classes you will learn the basics with modifications for your personal needs with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.


At the culmination of this 4 week experience, receive an All That Matters Explorer Pass, good for 3 weeks of unlimited yoga at any of our 3 studios.


SK: Tuesdays with Amy Hagan, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Sep 18 – Oct 9

EG: Sundays with Tobi Jedrey, 4:00pm-5:30pm, Oct 7–28

PVD: Fridays with Mimi Budnick, 6:30-8:00pm, Oct 12 – Nov 2


The Curriculum

Week 1:

• a brief introduction to what yoga is.
• the basics of yogic breathing (pranayama) to relieve stress and connect you to your physical body.
• some basic yoga postures (asana), and the 6 movements of the spine.
• how to sit comfortably and use props.
• a guided relaxation at the end.


Week 2:

• Connecting breath and movement (half sun salute).
• alignment in basic standing postures.
• the basics of balance.


Week 3:

• how to deepen the poses of previous weeks by adding in range of motion.
• how to sustain poses and build strength.
• the full sun salutation.


Week 4:

• prepare to step into a class environment.
• put together all the components learned and participate in a 1 hour yoga class.
• The meaning of “om” and chant it together.


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